måndag 4 juni 2012

To miss a week of learning is much

Sometimes you have a really good reason for NOT reading the Qur'an. This is one. I have not been able to recite for several days and I would really like to start again. But I can listen to the surah that I want to learn. This week it is still repeating the both Surahs al-fajr and surah al-kahf. I have not learnt even one verse of the latter yet. Still working on that. 

fredag 1 juni 2012

1st week gone, now surat al-Kahf (18)

Today it is Friday.

The first week has past away really fast. I have at least started to learn the Qur'an again. It was ten years ago I stopped after having learnt so much about islam and Qur'an. Now it is really time to continue this journey. This weeks challengs is to learn Surat al-Kahf. The reason for this is because the prophet salatu wa salem said that if we learn ten verses and recites them we will get protection from the dajjal. 

Abu al-Darda (Allah be pleased with him) related that the Prophet of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said, Whoever commits ten verses from the beginning Surat al-Kahf will be protected from the Dajjal.[Muslim, Abu Dawud, Nasai, and others; the wording is Muslims]

If you recite surat al-Kahf on every Friday, a light will shine for you between the two Fridays. The evidence for it being recommended includes the hadith related by Hakim and Bayhaqi, from Abu Sa`id (Allah be pleased with him), Whoever recites Surat al-Kahf on Friday, light shall shine forth for him between the two Fridays. [Ibn Hajar, Talkhis al-Habīr]

It is recommended to recite Surat al-Kahf completely the night before Friday, and it is also recommended to do so Friday itself, before Maghrib time. Ibn Abidin said, And it is best to do so early on Friday, in order to rush to the good and to avoid forgetting. [Ibn Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar, Bab al-Jumu`ah]

So the first day of this week, I have at least listened at the whole recitation and I am now trying to learn the verses, which is really hard. I try to relax to concentrate more. I also have to pray more so I can capture the verses more easily. Pray for me so that I  

torsdag 31 maj 2012

The 6th day of learning surat al-fajr Nr. 89

I am now on my sixth day of learning surat al-fajr. In this pace it will take much much longer to learn the whole Qur'an.

As I am a swedish convert, I would prefer reading and learning in arabic-swedish. I use www.koranensbudskap.com when I am learning the surahs and verses.

I have also found one in English that is good because you can choose to have a transliteration, or the arabic translated into which language you want to: http://quran.com/89 . The negative part is that you cannot devide the verses and learn them one by one.

Furthermore, if I do not put my heart into this and pray more to make my mind open, then I will certainly not proceed as I have projected. 

tisdag 29 maj 2012

4th day of learning the Qur'an

I have been trying to learn more of the surah al-fajr. Still I am not sure about the verses except of the first six ones. So from the first day I have only learned one verse by heart. I have tried to listen to the surah and repeat, but it still does not come in to my mind and rest there.

I once read about brainwaves and that the frequence of the wave help or hinder to learn better. There are four kinds of waves. Delta, theta, alpha and beta. The deepest one, and most meditative, is the deltaspectrum. Then it is the theta when you feel drowsiness. In the alphaspectrum you are very captive and in beta you are very alert, but also have troubles learning new information, even though problemsolving is better at this wave lenght.

So the best thing to do is to "meditate" or in islam "pray". So to learn better I have to pray more. I can do that inchallah. I can start with doing shaffa and witr after the Ichaprayer. Do 2 rakahs before fajr and 2 sunnah before or after dhohor, before asr and after maghrib. I can also try to do salat-al doha between fajr and dhohor.

We'll see if that helps inchallah.

söndag 27 maj 2012

Surat al-Fajr

I have started to learn surat al-fajr. I sat down with my child of 8 years for about ten minutes. We tried to learn half of the surah. It was a pleasure learning with him. I have not finished yet so it is hard work that I have postponed until tomorrow. 

By the way. To challenge myself (I am a convert) and make it easier I have made a challenge with my tunisian family which of us is going to learn it by heart the first. They have the advantage to know arabic, have learnt the surah before, but when I tested them one only knew half of the chapter and the other one has the period right now. So I can win this challenge if I put my heart and mind to it. Inchallah. 

This girl already knows the whole surah. Mashallah. 

fredag 25 maj 2012

Al-fatiha - the first chapter to learn by heart

Luckily I already knows this chapter of Al-fatiha. It is the easiest one. I also know the three last chapters 112-114 in the generous Qur'an. So which chapter will I continue to learn? I will say "Al-fajr", because I already knows the first lines. How it will go learning the rest and how much time it took, you will find out, Allah willing.